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These days you can buy sugar paste flowers pre-made in your local high street shops however considering they are not too hard to make it is a worthwhile skill to learn as they are an effective addition to cakes, cupcakes and even biscuits. Some flowers such as blossom can be easily replicated by rolling out the sugar paste and using a cutter to simply stamp out the flowers. Other flowers such as roses, daises and tulips, require a bit more technique.

What you will need:

- Sugarpaste

- Icing Sugar

- Bulbous tool

- Rolling pin

- Piping nozzle

The how to:

To make a sugar paste flower you need to start by rolling a small amount of the sugar paste into a cone shape and place this to one side.

The next part is to create the petals, this is done by rolling out the sugar paste and cutting out several circles (the more circles you have the larger the flower will be).

Using a bulbous cone tool which looks like this…

Roll it along the edge of the circles to make them softer and slightly thinner. Take one of the circles and wrap it around the cone, which you made earlier, pressing at the base so it holds to the cone. Now take the next circle and do the same but in a slightly different position to the first petal.

Keep adding petals to the flower until you are happy, remember that all your petals will look slightly different as it will give a more natural appearance.

Why not try different colours and make a range of different coloured flowers to top your cake!

Sugar Paste Flowers  - Posted on 6th December 2015 -