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So here is my latest birthday creation. I made it over the course of a day because I had plenty of spare time but it shouldn’t really take more than 4 hours to make. The majority of the time was baking and building the cake base.

Originally I had planned to make a cake themed around the World Rally, however I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to go for a racetrack / Formula One theme. If you hadn’t already guessed, the Smarties were supposed to represent the crowd, if I had a bigger cake tin then the cake would have been bigger with more of a crowd but I went with what I had in the cupboard.

For the cake I decided on a simple vanilla sponge, of which I baked 3 rectangle shaped cakes about 20cm x 30cm. The first two layers I sandwiched together with some vanilla butter icing, however the third layer was the layer that was forming the stadium’s bowl, so I cut an oval shape out of the centre and then, being careful with a knife, sloped the edges to give an oval indent where the track will sit. This last layer was then sandwiched onto the cake with some butter icing before coating the entire outside of the cake in a thin layer of butter icing to help the fondant to stay in place.

The cake can be covered in any colour fondant, but I decided on grey because it fits the theme of the cake and looks more like concrete or steel. There are 2 options with transferring the fondant to the cake, depending which one is going to be easiest for you; you can roll out a massive piece of fondant and gently place over the cake, or you can do it in 2 halves and roll out enough to cover one side and then the other separately, just make sure to press the seam together so that it isn’t visible. Cut off any overlaps or edges left of the fondant icing and use a cake smoother to remove any bubbles from under the surface of the icing.

Once the cake is made and covered, the next step is to create all the small details. The racetrack itself is quite simple as all you need to do is roll out some black sugar paste until it is 3mm thick and then using a knife, cut out an oval shape. Following this, cut a smaller oval within that oval which you can transfer to the cake and fix in place in the indented section of the cake, use a small amount of icing to keep it in place.

Make the start and finish line by cutting a few small squares of black sugar paste and a few small white squares and place next to each other in a chequered pattern.

Now onto the formula one cars, the best advice I can give for these is just to look at the image and try to recreate it from what you can see, however here is a rough outline of the steps:

  1. Take the chosen colour and create a small oval, mould it so the sides are flat and not curved and the back is slightly larger than the front.
  2. Cut a thin strip of the colour and place to one side as this will become the spoiler.
  3. Cut an even thinner strip of white sugar paste and fix this so it runs lengthways across the body of the car.
  4. Using a small circle cutter, about 1.5cm in diameter cut out a circle of white sugar paste and 4 circles of black sugar paste. Fix the white piece to the front of the car on top of the white strip and using some black writing icing pipe on a number.
  5. Take the four black circles and pipe a small dot of icing into the centre of each before fixing to the sides of the car to act as the wheels.
  6. Using some icing, fix on the spoiler to the back of the car.
  7. Finally roll a small ball of black sugar paste and a tiny strip of a lighter grey or white to it as this will form the helmet. Fix it onto the car just in front of the spoiler.
  8. One car is finished, repeat for as many cars as you want.

I suggest creating the crowd in the stadium before you add the cars. For this it is as simple as fixing each of the Smarties in rows up the edges of the inside cake slopes with a small amount of icing. If you want to add the grass effect simply pipe some green icing around the cake.

Place the cars on the track and you’re done! The final and most important step is to eat it.

Racing Track Birthday Cake  - Posted on 10th July 2016 -