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This gorgeous cat-themed cake is dedicated to my mum who celebrated her birthday recently. I saw this design and knowing that she is very much a cat person I thought it was a great one to make.

It is a classic 2 tiered marble cake sandwiched together with vanilla butter icing and covered in a thin layer of white fondant icing.

I suggest making the cat figure first:

  • Make the body first by taking a chunk of fondant about the size of a ping-pong ball and mould it into an oval shape. Place this to one side.
  • Now take another chunk of fondant about half of the previous size and roll this into a ball. Place this to one side of the body and carefully press to attach. Use some edible glue if necessary.
  • For the paws you will need to roll out four equal size black sugar paste ovals before taking some white sugar paste and rolling 12 very small balls. Use a small amount of edible glue place 3 balls next to each other onto one end of each of the paws. Place each paw around the body as shown in the picture.
  • The tail is nice and easy to make simply take a small amount of black sugar paste and mould it into a round point and stick to the other end of the body shape.
  • Make the ears to stick on the head by cutting 2 small triangles of sugar paste and dabbing a bit of edible glue on the base of each of them to help them to stay attached to the head.
  • The eyes are made by 2 small white oval shapes with a small dot of black added to the base of each one.
  • Finally mould a small amount of white sugar paste into a sort of sunglasses-type shape as this will form the cheeks. Carefully stick it to the base of the head before adding a tiny ball of pink sugar paste for a nose.

The ball of string is a little simpler to make:

  • To start, take a ping-pong sized amount of pink sugar paste and roll it into a ball. Place this to one side.
  • Now take some more of the pink sugar paste and carefully roll these, under your fingers, on a flat surface to make a long rope. Wrap these over and around the sugar paste ball that was created in the last step making sure to keep one rope aside for looping over the cats ears when placed on the cake.

I added the paw prints to the side of the cake as a little added extra, if you fancy adding these then all you need to do is roll out a small amount of black sugar paste to approximately 2mm thick. Using 2 piping nozzles of different sizes you want to use the large ends to stamp out rounds from the icing. The paws are created by placing one of the larger circles on the cake and then 3 of the smaller circles just to the side of the larger one spaced just apart from each other.

Lastly the only remaining feature on the top of the cake is to write the ‘Happy Birthday’ message. For this take a piping bag and prepare it with a small round nozzle. Melt 50g of milk chocolate in a glass bowl over a pan of simmering water and pour this into the piping bag before carefully writing the text.

I was really pleased with the outcome of this cake and if you follow the steps and use a bit of creative flair there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go! Good luck!

A Purrrfect Birthday Cake  - Posted on 4th March 2016 -