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With Christmas almost here I’m thinking all things festive. This little design came about last year through a failed attempt but proved to be very popular so I wanted to share them with you. They look amazing, taste amazing and are not as hard to make as you might think. As an advanced word of warning they are packed with sugar so don’t give to the kids too late in the day!

Firstly you are going to need 12 simple vanilla cupcakes, I suggest having these ready in advance (see recipe). On a clean tray line out 12 large marshmallows (try to use the white ones if you can and eat the pink ones to stop confusion), 12 mini marshmallows, 12 large chocolate buttons, a glass bowl filled with several cubes of milk chocolate, and 2 cocktail sticks.

Put the glass bowl with the chocolate in on top of a simmering pan of water and melt the chocolate. Once the chocolate has melted cover the mini marshmallows completely and position them in the centre of the curved side of each of the chocolate buttons before placing in the fridge to harden, these will make the top hats.

Now with the remaining melted chocolate take each of the large marshmallows and using a cocktail stick dab a bit of chocolate onto the marshmallows to make the eyes and mouth, if necessary put these in the fridge to harden but unless you’ve added too much chocolate they shouldn’t need this.

In a separate bowl sift a small amount of icing sugar and add a drop of water to make it smooth but not too runny. Add to this a drop of orange food colouring and using another cocktail stick dab one spot of orange icing onto each of the snowmen heads (large marshmallows) to represent the nose of the snowman.

Take the chocolate button hats out of the fridge, using a knife or back of a spoon spread a tiny amount of icing onto the top of the snowmen heads and position the hats. Place these in the fridge to set.

Whilst the snowmen heads are setting, whip 300ml cream using an electric handheld whisk until it is smooth but able to hold its shape. Pour the cream into a prepared piping bag and immediately pipe onto the cupcakes in a circular movement to completely cover the cakes.

Take the snowmen heads out of the fridge and place one in the centre of each of the cupcakes, be careful not to press down too firmly as you don’t want them to sink into the cream.

The final part to finish the cakes is to cut 12 chocolate matchmakers in half and push them firmly into the cakes on either side of the head.

I suggest placing them in the fridge for 1 hour just to firm up and then you’re all set for your Christmas party. Enjoy!!

Melting Snowman Cupcakes  - Posted on 20th December 2015 -