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Hello! Hello!!! I can't believe the time has finally come for me to be releasing my first blog post. As this is my first (ever) blog post I wanted to share with you the main inspiration for me starting this blog. I’m not afraid to admit that I am a massive Marvel fan so when a good friend asked me to create some Marvel themed cupcakes naturally I jumped at the chance. It's safe to say that this was one of my hardest but most rewarding jobs to date.

Lots of research went into the design of these cakes so that Marvel could be showcased not only by its iconic logo but also using several significant references such as the Avengers logo, Thor’s hammer, Captain America's shield and the Iron Man helmet.

I recommend having a go at some of them if you have plenty of time to spare as they look great for a birthday party. I suggest starting by baking 18 basic vanilla cupcakes allowing them to fully cool down before proceeding with any icing.

I love a cupcake with a good amount of icing on but you can add less if desired. For the butter icing I tend to work to the rule 1/3 butter to 2/3 icing sugar, adding ½ teaspoon of vanilla essence to balance the sweetness. Cream the butter and sugar together until smooth and well combined using a wooden spoon or electric mixer. Make sure that the mixture still holds its shape and is fairly thick. Pour the mixture into a prepared piping bag with a star shaped nozzle and twist the top to place pressure on the icing inside pushing it towards the nozzle ready for piping. This should also remove any trapped air bubbles. Holding the piping bag at a 90° angle to the cake apply pressure to the piping bag and begin piping the icing onto the cake. Start at the outer edge and swirl towards the centre releasing pressure at the middle to break the icing once the cake is covered. Place the cupcake to one side and repeat for the other 17 cupcakes.

On to the exciting part, the decoration! Here’s the ‘how to’ on the Marvel ‘M’ topper. On a clean surface roll out the pre-coloured red fondant until it is approximately 3mm thick, adding a little icing sugar and regularly rotating will prevent it from sticking to the work surface. Using a circle cutter cut out a red circle and place to one side.

Now take the white fondant and again roll to 3mm thick before cutting out a circle with the cutter. You should now have two identically sized circles, one red and one white.

Take a piece of paper or baking parchment and cut around the circle cutter to give you a template, on this paper draw an ‘M’ in block capitals and cut this out. This is now your ‘M’ template. Place it on top of your white fondant and using a sharp knife cut around the template.

If everything has gone to plan you should now have one red circle and one white ‘M’. Using edible glue, or a tiny amount of water if you don’t have any edible glue (be careful not to add too much water as this will melt the icing), dab a small amount on the base of the ‘M’ and position in the centre of the red circle.

For the finishing touches carefully place the finished ‘M’ topper on top of one of the cakes. Ta dah! You now have one Marvel cupcake ready to eat!

Now you’ve done one go ahead and attempt designs with the rest of the cupcakes. But don’t forget to eat them once you’re done as that’s the best bit.

Marvel Cupcakes  - Posted on 1st December 2015 -