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I wanted to share this cake design with you because although it didn't turn out as planned with a flowerpot sitting on top of the cake filled with flowers, the simplicity of the design gives it a classic appearance that looks elegant.

The design of this cake was more of a focus for me so I decided that keeping the cake itself simple was the best way to go. I made a basic Victoria sponge cake filled with cream and covered in chocolate butter icing and chocolate curls to represent soil.

Placing the cake to one side, I moved onto the flowers and leaves. I coloured some sugar paste with green food colouring and rolled it out so it was approximately 2mm thick. Using a sharp knife I cut out about 40 leaf shapes, in various sizes, from the sugar paste before using a bulbous tool to thin the edges and lightly scoring the surface to give the appearance of veins.

Then using the sugarpaste flowers recipe I created several sugar paste flowers in purple and pink and put them onto cake pop sticks, cut at different lengths.

The flowerpot however presented a whole set of problems. I made a rice crispy cake base that could easily be shaped into a pot shape and covered it in a terra cotta coloured fondant icing. This was placed into the centre of the cake, secured with icing, before pushing the flower sticks into the pot to add to the effect.

Now when it comes to decorating I am my own worst critic and immediately was not happy with the outcome for 2 reasons.

1. There was not enough flowers in the pot to make it look effective.

2. The flower pot looked too large in proportion to the cake making it look clumsy and out of place..

Unfortunately there is no photo as I didn’t take one at the time because I wasn’t happy with it, however after gathering my ideas for a little while the decision was made to remove the flowerpot completely.

I always find that if you get stuck with ideas or draw a blank, walk away from the kitchen for a while and focus on something else, usually you will get an idea when you’re not even thinking about it!

After removing the flowerpot I layered the centre of the cake with the sugar paste leaves and took the flowers out of the pot and placed them directly into the cake itself at varying heights.

The outcome was a much more simplistic and classic chocolate cake design!

Keeping It Simple  - Posted on 1st February 2016 -