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Nothing says Easter like themed cupcakes so here is a quick, tasty recipe that you can whip up in next to no time.

If you need some creative treats to bring to the party this bank holiday then why not give these cupcakes a go.

Start by following the basic cupcake recipe by adding 55g of cocoa powder to the flour along with 2 table spoons of milk to make the chocolate cupcakes.

Once these have fully cooled you will need to mix up some butter icing. To do this, cream together 125g of margarine or butter with 375g icing sugar. Add a drop of vanilla essence along with a drop of green food colouring to make the butter icing green to look like grass.

Prepare a piping bag with a start shaped nozzle and pour the icing into the bag. Pipe the icing onto all of the cupcakes, working from the outer edge and circling towards the centre.

For the finishing touches grab all of your favourite chocolate Easter treats and add them to the cupcakes in any way that you like.

That's it. Enjoy!

Easter Cupcakes  - Posted on 26th March 2016 -