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December is finally here and with winter in full swing I figured; why not create some wintry themed cakes? There are so many reasons to love winter; sitting next to the cosy, warm fire; fresh crisp, frosty mornings and of course Christmas (which is fast approaching).

I wanted to replicate some of the wintry blue and white shades in these cupcakes to give the appearance of ice and frost.

What you will need:

- 12 basic vanilla cupcakes (see recipe)

- 300ml whipping cream

- ½ teaspoon blue food colouring

- 100g white chocolate

- White and blue sugar sprinkles

This recipe is actually quite a simple one and only takes about 30 minutes to decorate them providing the cakes have been pre-made.

Here’s the ‘how to’ on frosty cupcakes:

Pour the whipping cream into a large bowl and using an electric whisk, whip it until it becomes firm and is just able to hold its shape. A classic way of seeing this is to hold the whisk and allow a small amount of cream to drop off. If it stays on top for at least 5 seconds then it’s ready. Make sure not to over whip the cream though as it will start to form butter.

When your happy that it is whipped add the blue food colouring and gently fold it into the cream with a wooden spoon, leaving white streaks and blue streaks to get a two toned effect.

Take a piping bag with a round piping nozzle; it needs to be about 1 or 2 cm in diameter. Spoon in the cream and twist the top of the piping bag to create the pressure on the cream. Pipe the cream onto the cakes in a circular movement moving towards the centre of the cakes. Do this for all 12 cupcakes.

Use the sugar sprinkles to give a generous covering to the cupcakes, this will also add some white and darker blue shades to the frosting. I know it’s tempting but less is sometimes more so don’t overdo it with the sprinkles.

Now place the cakes into the fridge to firm before starting on the chocolate. Take out a flat baking tray and cover it in cling film or baking paper. For the white chocolate shapes, melt the white chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering hot water. Pour this into a piping bag with a tiny piping nozzle as you want to have more control over the piping. Start piping snowflakes, stars or any other shapes onto the baking tray until you run out of chocolate and place these in the fridge for about 10 minutes to solidify.

Take the cakes and baking tray out of the fridge. Very carefully peel away the white chocolate shapes and gently place on top of the cakes for the finishing touch to these cakes.

And they’re done! Make sure that if you do by some miracle resist the urge to eat them that you keep them in an airtight container in the fridge to keep cool.

Frosty Cupcakes  - Posted on 5th December 2015 -