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So this weekend I celebrated my best friend’s birthday with a night out and there is absolutely no better reason than to bake a great cake in which to give to her for her birthday. This cake was designed with alcoholic cocktails and shots in mind but I really enjoyed making it and adding a bit of creative flair. The cake itself was really simplistic, just a standard 3 tiered square, vanilla sponge cake sandwiched together with butter icing.

The martini glass and shot glasses were filled with lime jelly, hours in advance of making the actual cake as it needed plenty of time to set. Jelly is a good way of filling the glasses with a bit of colour but without the risk of adding too much liquid to the cake.

I also prepared the strawberries in advance of the cake to make the assembly easier. For these I simply washed and dried 8 strawberries of a fairly equal size, then dipped 4 of them into some melted white chocolate and 4 into some melted dark chocolate. Chocolate tends to harden quite quickly so placing them on a baking tray in the fridge for 2 minutes was long enough to partially set these. Once they were hard enough I took them out of the fridge and using the melted white chocolate I used a knife to flick the dark chocolate covered strawberries with the white chocolate to give them some stripes and vice versa with the white chocolate covered strawberries. These can be placed in the fridge until ready for assembly.

Several hours later when the jelly was set and the vanilla sponge cake had been baked and stacked to form a thick square cake, I used some marmalade to lightly cover all the sides of the cake (except the base) giving a glue-type element which would allow the fondant to stick to the cake. The cake was then covered in a thin layer of white fondant icing.

With some melted dark chocolate I piped a border around the top of the cake and a happy birthday message around each side of the cake as the room on the top of the cake would be limited once the other elements were added.

Taking the prepared jelly shot glasses, martini glass and strawberries out of the fridge I used the remaining chocolate to secure these to the top of the cake.

This was a cake which took several hours of preparation, but I wouldn’t say that it was a hard one to try. So if you know someone who is particularly fond of parties or cocktail drinks why not give it a go and surprise them!

Cocktail Drinks Themed Birthday Cake  - Posted on 17th January 2016 -