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If you’re looking for a good idea for some themed celebration cupcakes or you really like the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” then why not try out this little idea. In all honesty, I made these at the request of a friend but they were well worth all the hard work and time that went into making them.

Anyone who has seen the film probably already has several ideas of what decorations they would put on the cupcakes, but if you haven’t then you need to think along the lines of ‘Tiffany’ blues (light blue) and pearl colours. Some great suggestions are showcasing lots of pearl necklaces, ivory flowers, classic black sunglasses or even the famous black, elbow high gloves.

I would allow plenty of time when attempting these as, depending on the designs, they can involve lots of intricate sugar paste work and 'slow and steady' is definitely the way forward.

To start with you will need to bake your cupcakes, have a look at the simple recipe for this if you’re unsure. Colour some icing or butter cream with some royal or sky blue food colouring to create a light blue colour, but be careful not too add too much colouring otherwise it might make the icing too runny or the blue too dark. Using a prepared piping bag with a star nozzle pipe the icing onto the cupcakes, working from the outer edge inwards, making sure to completely cover the entire cake. Repeat this step until all the cakes have been evenly covered.

It’s always a good idea to plan out what designs you want to recreate first so you have a clear vision of what you are actually making. However, if you are low on time a quick trick is to buy some edible pearls, black sugar balls and sugar crystals as these can be sprinkled over the icing, sparingly, to give a classic look that can be completed in minutes. A slight twist on this idea is to only sprinkle the sugar decorations onto one half of the cupcake and leave the other side just icing!

For the pearl necklace:

To make a pearl necklace decoration you will need to start by rolling out your sugar paste, either ivory or black, onto a flat, clean surface until it is about 3mm thick. Taking a cutter, with a serrated edge and about 50mm in diameter, cut out one sugar paste bubble (I suggest if you plan on making more than one then you cut all the bubbles out at once). Place this to one side before taking a small, clean bowl and mixing a little amount of water with some icing sugar to make some fairly stiff icing. Pour this into a piping bag and cut the very end of the piping bag off to give you a tiny hole. Now take the sugar paste bubble shape you prepared earlier and pipe small dots of icing on the sugar paste to give a circular outline which sits fairly central on the shape. Take some of the sugar pearls (opposite to the colour of the sugar paste) and carefully position them on top of the icing dots, making sure that they each sit directly next to one another with no gaps.

If you want to add a little more flare, pipe a dot just underneath the lowest, most central dot on the shape and add a slightly larger size sugar ball, or even a different coloured one.

For the bow:

Before you start, take 2 small squares of tin foil and twist each of them lightly, these will be used to keep the bow strings from flattening whilst it hardens. Roll out your sugar paste until it is 2mm thick, then cut a strip which is 30mm wide by 120mm in length, and a strip which is 15mm by 40mm. With the longer strip, fold each end into the centre and press down lightly. Use the tin foil at this stage to stop each side from flattening by placing them within the curves of the icing ribbons. Taking the smaller strip wrap it around the centre of the longer strip to secure ends of the first strip. Make sure to lightly press at the back to stop it from falling apart. If necessary use a tiny amount of icing to help it to hold. This should now give you a bow shape which you should leave to firm for a while before removing the foil, if you make the bow smaller then you shouldn’t need the foil as it will hold its shape better.

These are just a few examples of designs that you can try on your cupcakes to get you started. Always make sure to store any sugar paste or fondant in an airtight container if you want it to remain pliable otherwise it will go brittle and break if you try and re-mould it.

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Cupcakes  - Posted on 10th January 2016 -