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This week my family celebrated my sister's 25th birthday, which being only a few days after Easter left us with an insane amount of chocolate and cake in the house. That being said, who’s really complaining?

I wanted to make this cake look simple but elegant and after seeing all the signs of spring in the garden this week I landed on the idea of blossom and butterflies. The cake itself is a marble cake, so a mixture of vanilla and chocolate sponge, sandwiched together with some vanilla butter icing.

Decorating the cake was relatively pain free this time and I started by dirty icing the cake, which is basically adding a thin layer of icing to the outside of the cake to help the sugar paste stay in place. If you haven’t pre-bought coloured sugar paste then you will need to colour these first in light blue, pink and black.

Roll out about 200g of the blue sugar paste until it is about 3mm thick and large enough to cover the cake, carefully lift it using the rolling pin by softly rolling it up and unrolling it again over the cake. Using a cake smoother carefully use it to smooth out any creases from the sugar paste to create a smooth covered cake.

Now take roughly 10g of the black sugar paste and gently roll it under your fingers to create a spaghetti shape about 1cm in diameter and long enough to reach up the side and half way across the cake. Using a small amount of edible glue place the sugar paste up on of the sides of the cake and across the cake, it doesn’t need to be straight as it represents a branch. Using a little more of the remaining black icing make 2 more branches half of the length and secure them to the cake on the side of the original branch.

Roll out roughly 30g of pink sugar paste to about 2mm thick and using a small flower cutter and small butterfly cutter, stamp out several rounds and carefully mould the edges of the shapes to give them a bit of natural shape. Using edible glue attach the flowers along the edges of the branches on the cake and the butterflies around the edge of the cake.

For the finishing touches, make up some fairly stiff white writing icing, 20g icing sugar and a few drops of water, and pour it into a prepared piping bag with a small nozzle. Write your message across the cake and add some small details to the flowers and butterflies that you have placed on the cake.

And there you have it….. finished and ready for any celebration!

Blossom and Butterflies Cake  - Posted on 3rd April 2016 -