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Creates, Bakes and Cakes A little bit about me!

Hi! Welcome to Creates, Bakes and Cakes, created by me, Vicky, and inspired by my crazy baking obsession.

Baking has been a massive passion of mine since I was little; whether it is cakes, cookies, pies or breads. After several months in development I am pleased to finally be launching this blog to share with you all my successes (and failures) of my creative habits.

I am by no means an expert but I wanted to share within this blog my ideas for all occasions with many recipes to satisfy both the sweet and savoury taste buds. It’s highly likely that cupcakes will feature a lot because they are so simple to make, can be flavoured and decorated in a million different ways and ‘oh yeah’ they taste amazing!

Everybody loves a good cake whether it’s accompanying an afternoon tea, family dessert or big birthday celebration.

I hope that you enjoy reading my ideas and thoughts and get some inspiration to give them a go. I’d love to hear any comments, questions or other quirky ideas for recipes you may have, so please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you continue to follow the on-going baking saga!

Vicky x